Residential Services

Creating a safe haven for those suffering with severe mental illness and medical ailments.

A Holistic Safe Environment

Our Residential Program is a holistic program that ensures a safe environment for those suffering with comorbidities including persistent severe mental illness and medical ailments. The program consists of two Supportive Living facilities and two Medically Fragile facilities. These facilities exist to provide and facilitate housing, nutrition, mental health, and medical services for adult individuals 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Step Up Incentive

Our Residential Program offers a step up incentive to its members. Once the member has completed their goal at the medically fragile facility the member can step up to a supportive living facility with the intention to progress to one of Carey Counseling Center’s independent living houses. With this step up program, a safety net is provided with continuing case management. If it is determined that a member is not coping at a more independent level of care, the member can return to the more controlled environment of the medically fragile or standard supportive living housing facility.

Medically Fragile Facilities

  • Herrington Place (Offering 27 beds)

  • Poplar Bend (Offering 15 beds)

Supportive Living Houses

  • Camden Group Home (Offering 10 beds)

  • Trenton Group Home (Offering 10 beds)

Referral Program

For referrals to the program, Please email us.

Program Admission Criteria

  • The individual must be 18 years of age or older.

  • The individual must have a comorbid medical diagnosis.

  • The individual must be alert to engage in placement planning done on his or her behalf of other family friends mental health agency hospital.

  • The individual must be able to perform basic self-help activities including but not limited to: eating, bathing, dressing, transferring and toileting.

  • The individual must be able to care for their own possessions and to maintain their bedroom living area in a reasonable state of orderliness and cleanliness.

  • The individual must be able to recognize danger or threat to personal safety.

  • The individual must be able to live comfortably within any limitations in the structure of the facility.

  • The individual must be generally able to maintain appropriate behaviors tolerable to the community.

  • The individual must be able to acknowledge safety hazards and comply with facility guidelines such as fire alarms, tornado warnings, etc.

  • The individual must receive disability below the maximum allowed.

  • The individual must receive TennCare Medicaid benefits.

  • The individual must have a background check completed.

What To Expect Upon Admission

  • 1
    Members will receive an intake interview with a licensed clinical social worker
  • 2

    Members will be evaluated and have an admission assessment completed by the LPN nursing staff

  • 3
    Members will receive an initial psychological evaluation performed by the director of mental health services or an appropriate staff member within 3 days of arrival
  • 4
    Members will receive a physical examination performed by a licensed primary care physician within 7 Days of arrival
  • 5
    Members will be provided with extensive case management at a minimum of three times a week

Program Exclusion Criteria

  • 1

    The individual cannot be on the sex offender registry.

  • 2

    The individual must not be on mandatory outpatient treatment as ordered by the judicial system.

  • 3

    The individual must not have any pending legal charges.

  • 4

    The individual must not have any forensic charges.

  • 5

    The individual can be safely maintained and effectively treated at a less intensive facility.